If you are here in a panic because Google Safe Browsing has blacklisted your website or SaaS, skip ahead to the section describing how to handle the situation. There's also a lot of very interesting comments on the Hacker News comments page.

In the old days, when Google (or any poorly tuned AI that Google unleashed) decided it wanted to kill your business, it would usually resort to denying access to one of its multiple walled gardens, and that was that. You've probably heard the horror stories:

Based on the success of the original story among the CryptoCup players, I will publish semi-regular updates with the updated results from new matches until the end of the World Cup. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here's the original story.

I will edit this Medium Story whenever I do updated model runs so as not to fill my Medium account with a ton of crappy stories. …

Just from the look of the profile picture above this article I’m sure you've figured out that my VO2 max is not competitive for the Tour de France. So here's an alternative plan.

What's CryptoCup?

My friend Federico, who was my cofounder at Sherpals, has been working since earlier this year on CryptoCup. CryptoCup is an Ethereum Dapp version of a traditional office betting game that is played in Argentina during the FIFA World Cup (the world championship for the type of football that is actually played with feet).

The classic game is called “PRODE” (short for Prónostico Deportivo, spanish for Sports…

EthBuenosAires took place during the weekend of 25 de mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over 300 developers from all over the world congregated in Palermo, arguably Buenos Aires' Silicon Neighborhood, with their heads full of ideas and their agile fingers ready to be unleashed on backlit keyboards. Their mission? Hack until their eyelids fail them on Ethereum related projects, whatever they might be.

Fast forward to Friday night

The Hackathon is officially open. Our team consists of me, Cameron (who works at Fabrica in California), Martín and Tito (both from CryptoCup, based here in Buenos Aires). Our original idea was something we had talked about…

This usually goes as follows:

There is a group of people that buy a specific good or service. There is another group of people that sell this specific good or service. My idea is to put them both on an online marketplace and make money off that.

For example:

Gonzalo Sainz Trápaga

Entrepreneur, investor and advisor.

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