All you ever wanted to know about the Token Toilet (and couldn't be bothered to ask)

Introducing the Token Toilet

I mean, just think of the gas jokes

* An ugly Crypto Kitty that can’t get laid
* Those fake Polkadot tokens you bought from a Telegram scammer
* SHIT tokens
* Your CryptoCup bet on Panama
* EOS tokensˆHˆHˆHˆHˆHˆHˆH
* Really, any token you don’t ever want to see again

If this image is still pixelated then I forgot to replace it

Toilet, Fountain and Sprinkler work together in an upstanding trifecta. Coins dumped into the Toilet are used as surprise rewards for users that throw coins (DAI) into the Fountain. All DAI proceeds from the Fountain are (metaphorically) dispersed by the Sprinkler.

Yes, I also think I wasted my potential by studying Computer Science.

Wrapping it up

"Did you just move all the Ether that was in this wallet?"
— Everyone to the guy that was returning from an actual toilet

Presenting in front of the EthBuenosAires crowd, TP in hand
Emperor Vitalik deeming the Token Toilet "a sewage system worthy of his empire"

The courtesy flush



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