All you ever wanted to know about the Token Toilet (and couldn't be bothered to ask)

Fast forward to Friday night

The Hackathon is officially open. Our team consists of me, Cameron (who works at Fabrica in California), Martín and Tito (both from CryptoCup, based here in Buenos Aires). Our original idea was something we had talked about a few times in the past: a simple DAO-type contract allowing people to share ownership in digital assets in a trustless fashion (for example: allow several people to buy a CryptoKitty by pooling money, then vote to sell and split the proceeds amongst them). This seemed like a good project since both Fabrica and CryptoCup use NFTs.

Introducing the Token Toilet

I mean, just think of the gas jokes

But wait, there's more!

The interesting bit is that we built some more plumbing to go with the toilet.

If this image is still pixelated then I forgot to replace it

Wait, what?

The FAQ has your back:

Yes, I also think I wasted my potential by studying Computer Science.

So why use the Token Toilet to flush your unwanted coins, again?

Because it's cuter than sending to 0x0 (I mean, that guy is loaded already) and some residual value is extracted from your coins in that they serve as padding for the Token Fountain giveaways. It all goes to charity, which is better than having that asshole at 0x0 hoarding it. Plus you get your Proof of Dump (stay tuned!).

Wrapping it up

Presenting in front of the EthBuenosAires crowd, TP in hand
Emperor Vitalik deeming the Token Toilet "a sewage system worthy of his empire"

The courtesy flush

We’d like to thank the EthBuenosAires judges and the MakerDAO team for selecting our project, as well as all of the organizers for the amazing event. We are very happy with the win and we really enjoyed the privilege of throwing toilet paper to an audience of 300 developers. Now that’s something you don’t do every day.



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